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About Course

Software Engineering

Bachelor Degree Duration: 4 years
Masters Degree Duration: 2 years
Medium of instruction: English, Russian
Tuition fee in English: 2500 $US
Tuition fee in Russian: 2300 $US

The Department of Software Engineering is the main Department where one can get the Bachelor’s degree in 6.050103 “Program Engineering” (PE) major, the Master’s and Specialist’s degrees in 7.05010302, 8.05010302 “Software Engineering” (SE) major, the Master’s degree in “System Software” (SS) major

Education standard in “Program Engineering” major completely conforms to the European standard of “Software Engineering”.

Modes of study: full-time, part-time and distant.

From the 3rd year of study till the end of education our students undergo training in the leading ІТ companies in Kharkiv and Ukraine, like Epam, NixSolutions, GlobalLogic, Eclipse SP and others.

While studying students gain their professional skills taking part in seminars and research groups which are organized on the basis of scientific laboratories, Business Incubator laboratory, educational and scientific “Programmer” team.

Students have a possibility to study additional subjects which are taught in English by academics from partner universities online. In particular, there are 5 subjects on computer graphics and 6 subjects on programming for Bachelor Degrees. This allows students to improve considerably their professional level and to receive appropriate certificates and credits for certain subjects.

Science and International Cooperation
  • The fundamental problem the Department is engaged in is to create a new generation of computing systems and to design the techniques of simulation and synthesis of intelligence systems and processes on this basis.
  • Research areas of the Department are as follows: development of formal apparatus of logic and algebraic methods, methods of linguistic algebra and systems of logical support of new perspective information technologies design; development of mathematical models of intellectual activities processes (like sight, hearing, cognition etc.) as a theoretical base of Engineering systems design; development of computer vision systems; design and development of online and mobile education systems; pattern recognition; intelligent data mining; biometrical, medical and diagnostic systems.
  • The scientific and research work of students is of great importance for the Department. The conditions for own students’ designs as initiative projects for further attracting external investments are created here. Students have the opportunity to conduct their own research according to perspective directions of the Department. A data portal for search and mutual work of teachers and students on their own projects is being created. Students are getting more and more involved into different innovative projects competitions. Conditions for turning students’ successful projects into their own business are being provided.
  • Scientific research is being held on the basis of scientific laboratories and centers: SRL “Modeling of Intelligence Systems”, SRSL “Software of Automated Systems”, SRSL “Information Technologies in the Teaching Systems and Computer Vision Systems”, laboratory of brain-like structures of the NAS of Ukraine which works on development of construction of brain-like computers with relational networks theory and principles.
  • In the spring of 2007 the Department initiated signing of an agreement about educational and scientific cooperation in the IT area between Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics and School of Mathematics and Systems Engineering in University of Växjö (Linnaeus University), Sweden.
  • The first step towards the cooperation with Swedish partners in September 2007 was the launching of an international educational program to train IT-interns in the new area of the Ukrainian IT business – Business Intelligence. Today Business Intelligence is one of the most perspective IT industry directions based on the needs of modern business in accessing, analyzing and structuring the most valuable product – information.
  • The consulting group “Sigma” chose this educational course. The group was represented by Eclipse SP company, which is a “Sigma” representative in the CIS countries and has been collaborating with KhNURE for about 7 years.
  • To continue the first successful experience of cooperation another training course called “Intelligent Multimedia Systems” using the same technology was organized.
  • In 2008/2009 academic year it was the first time when graduate students of the School of Computer Science were accepted for the postgraduate course at Linnaeus University in the speciality “Software technology, Compiler Technologies and Program Analysis”.
  • Having positive experience of delivering particular academic subjects, in November 2008 an educational project of implementation of distant international integrated master’s training program was launched as a long-term educational cooperation.
  • The feature of this program is that KhNURE students after two academic years get two Master diplomas – Ukrainian one and European one. Students of the speciality “Software of Automated Systems” study according to the integrated educational plan of master’s training which corresponds to the speciality “Software Technologies” of School of Mathematics and Systems Engineering in University of Växjö. This integrated plan contains all the subjects of the Ukrainian curriculum and four additional subjects of the Swedish one. During 2 years of studying students write two Master’s theses under the direction of two scientific advisors (Ukrainian one and Swedish one). To defend the Ukrainian Thesis two reviewers are assigned and a committee consisting of members of both universities is set up. The advantages of this program are: getting two Master diplomas (Ukrainian one and European one) simultaneously; getting the Master’s degree of the European standard for free; no need to go to Sweden to complete the first year educational plan of a Master’s degree as students can study all the courses remotely; an opportunity of entering the postgraduate course at Swedish university; an opportunity of getting a prestige job either in a Ukrainian IT company, or in a Swedish one.
  • In 2009 and 2010 on the basis of this program there were 7 distant courses held for 45 students studying according to the integrated Master’s plan. Now 13 students are finishing their second year in Sweden.
Post-graduate courses and doctoral studies
  • 05.13.06 – Information Technologies
  • 05.13.23 – Systems and Methods of Artificial Intelligence
  • 05.13.03 – Control Systems and Processes
  • 05.13.21 – Systems of Information Security
  • 01.05.03 – Mathematical and Software Support of Computing Machines and Systems
  • 01.05.02 – Mathematical Modeling and Computational Approaches
Related universities
  • Kharkiv National University of Radio-Electronics (KNURE)
  • A copy of a valid passport at least for one year
  • A copy of secondary school certificate (or university degree if applying for graduate program)
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