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About Course

Social Informatics

Bachelor Degree Duration: 4 years
Masters Degree Duration: 2 years
Medium of instruction: English, Russian
Tuition fee in English: 2500 $US
Tuition fee in Russian: 2300 $US

The major Department was formed to train students in the following specialties: “Consolidated Information” (CI) opened in Ukraine by the Department members and “Social Informatics”. In the Western World these specialties refer to the new information areas. The training is based on the unique scientific school of the noospheric stage of scientific development.

The members of the Social Informatics Department are the active participants of:

  • the imposition of a new professions’ division to the Ukraine State Classifier – “Professionals in the field of information and information analysis” (corresponding to «Competitive Intelligence Professionals» in the world leading companies);
  • the creation of the qualification characteristics of profession 2433.2 “Analyst of Consolidated Information”;
  • the innovative new master’s specialty “Consolidated Information (CI ) of the Specific Categories” (entrance after having graduated from any baccalaureate);
  • licensing and accreditation of CI in KhNURE for the first time in Ukraine;
  • the development of a branch standard, approved by the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine.

In 2011 one more master’s specialty 8.04030203 – Social Informatics was licensed with the qualification 2433.1 “Research Assistant (Information Analytics)”; specialists in trend 040302 – Informatics are being trained.

Assistants for managers and administrators of any level are prepared in the specialty CI. The analogues of the new profession – business-analyst, information analyst, consulting analyst, knowledge engineer, knowledge director, deputy manager for information and analytics activity etc. – are the most asked-for professions in advanced countries, besides these professionals are to sustain high competitiveness for organizations, states and human.

The Department has developed more than 30 new up-to-date courses including the ones for “Consolidated Information”. All the normative sciences are the normative ones for the whole state – “Knowledge Management Technologies”, “Business Organization Information Technologies”, “Information Management Technologies”, “Decision Making Support Technologies”, “The Specialty Introductory Course” (“Competitive Intelligence”). The optional courses are “Social Networks in the Internet”, “Knowledge Technologies”, “Documents Circulation Automation and Analysis Technologies”, “Communicative Grounds for Information-Analytical Activity” “Political Analysis Mathematical Methods” etc. The common course “Knowledge Management – Knowledge Technologies” with the Stockholm University (Sweden) and other international cooperation in educational and scientific areas have been held since 2010. In particular, the members of the department participated in preparation and applied for seven international “Tempus” projects.

Some successful graduates of the Department:

  • О. O. Andreychikov has passed the MA course in the specialty CI and postgraduate course at the SI Department, has organized the “Society of Competitive Intelligence Analysts and Professionals” altogether with the other graduates and now works as its executive director;
  • D. B. Novakovskiy is an experienced analyst with the long service (nowadays he works in the “Imbitech”) who has held the investigations in knowledge management application sphere in business;
  • V. S. Matorin is an analyst with the experience of successful project management and work with the requirements in different spheres from primary communication with a customer to delivery of a project to the Ukrainian and abroad users (Luxoft and other companies);
  • Y. V. Beloshitskiy is an analyst and specialist in personal knowledge management, a licensor and the founder of “TEDxKharkov” (an independent event within world-wide TED-conference);
  • M. V. Vzhesnevskiy is a senior analyst of consolidated information in ”TPK Omega-Avtopostavka” LLC;
  • V. Y. Dmytrenko also fulfils different types of analytical works successfully and has many certificates of the leading foreign companies; he works as a consultant of the world-wide company “BMS Consulting”.
Scientific Work
  • The innovative scientific school of the Department “Noospheric Methodologies and Technologies of Solving Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence Problems” has been developing under the guidance of a correspondent member of the NAS of Ukraine, Honoured Science and Technology Worker of Ukraine, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor Bondarenko M. F. and Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor Solovyova K. O. for more than 25 years.
  • It is based upon new unique systemological methodology and powerful systemological knowledgeoriented cognitive methods and technologies of noospheric stage of scientific development which are successfully implemented into many subject areas.
  • While preparing applications for international projects (in particular, there were four of them in 2009-2010) the Department cooperated with different world-wide universities and organizations. For instance the Department collaborated with 29 of them in 2009 and 14 ones in 2010. The Department has successfully fulfilled many scientific research works (state budget and contractual ones) which are implemented into the educational process, scientific and methodological researches and international activity; they are also implemented into different organizations and enterprises to improve their activity efficiency. Professor Solovyova K. O. took training courses in Great Britain and Belgium, developed, won and realized successfully the following projects: and individual IMG Tempus, a grant with the London University LSE; a trip to Brussels’ ICT-2010. She has recently concluded more than ten international agreements. The agreements with the Stockholm University concluded by her are being realized in the scientific and educational activities of the department successfully. The Department held breakup groups “Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence” within the international youth forums, the international conferences of the same name were held in 2011 and 2012. The scientific work of the students is realized at the “adult” level and includes international publications.
  • The Scientific and Educational Knowledge Management Center has been opened in common with the V. M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (the scientific adviser is a correspondent member of the NAS of Ukraine, Honoured Science and Technology Worker of Ukraine, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor Bondarenko M. F., the scientific consultant is the deputy director of the Institute of Cybernetics of of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, academician A. V. Palagin, the Head is K. O. Solovyova).
  • The mission of the Social Informatics Department for development of the organizations, state and human includes:
    • the formation and implementation of the creative innovative way of thinking and systemological world-view as a ground for noosphere and information society;
    • the development and teaching the systemological knowledge-oriented cognitive methods, technologies and instruments of social problems efficient decision;
    • the decision of complicated ill-structured quality tasks taking into account the information semantics;
    • the sustaining of training the specialists able to carry out adjusting information and analytical support of business-systems for their stable development and competitive growth based upon knowledge management and information resources formation and implementation;
    • the development, use and implementation of the scientific picture of the world and problem areas through knowledge systematization based upon the systemological approach;
    • the proliferation of the modern information and organization culture;
    • the creation of intellectual capital and knowledge economy.
  • The Department fulfills its mission successfully for the development of KhNURE as the main scientific and educational base of Ukraine in the sphere of knowledge management, information and analytical activity, knowledge economy, competitive intelligence and information consolidation.
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  • A copy of secondary school certificate (or university degree if applying for graduate program)
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