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National Aviation University


The National Aviation University (NAU) is the largest aviation university in Ukraine. During years of its existence the University has trained thousands of specialists for 160 countries and continues to provide training in promising areas. The University surely goes ahead. Progressive trends of moderneducation are fully implemented in training. Experienced faculty, advanced educational facilities as well as modern informational technologies contribute to the effectiveness of study and formation of future specialists personality.

One of the priorities of the University is the integration into the international research and education area. The University has joined the Bologna Convention that makes it possible to integrate scientists’ efforts and to improve students mobility. The University professors and students carry out wide range of research with universities of Great Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France, South Korea and other countries.

The University successfully collaborates with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Two ICAO European Subregional Training Centres have been inaugurated in the framework of the University. Both Centres implement the TRAINAIR Methodology on the basis of ICAO Standards and Recommended practices.

Students have great opportunities for their free time: the studios of the Art and Culture Centre, sections of Sports and Health facilities, Aircraft and Yacht clubs are at their disposal. Comfortable hostels, Medical Centre, E-Club, Billiard Parlour are the parts of students’ campus.

The motto of the National Aviation University that in some way defines its life is:



The National Aviation University provides fundamental professional and practical training at the level of Bachelor and Master. The period of training is 4 years for Bachelors degree and 1-1,5 years for Masters degree. Language of study is Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Foreigners who do not speak the language of study

(Ukrainian, Russian or English) are admitted to the Preparatory Department for the period of 1 year.

Foreigners are also admitted to postgraduate and doctorate courses if they have successfully graduated from any university and demonstrated abilities for scientific and research work. Period of study is 3 years. Language of study is Ukrainian or Russian.

The Continuing Education Institute at the University gives wide range of specializations for those who want to deepen their professional knowledge and skills and to get additional certificates and diplomas.

Listing Details

Teaching staff>>1000 (23 academicians, 280 doctors of sciences, professors, 830 candidates of sciences)
Students trained10000+
Faculties Aircraft Faculty
Mechanics & Energetics Faculty
Aerospace Control Systems Faculty
Faculty of Electronics
Faculty of Information Technologies
Telecommunication & Security of Information
Faculty of Computer Sciences
Faculty of Computer Systems
Faculty of Airport Design
Architecture & Design Faculty
Environment Protection Faculty
Faculty of Economics and Business
Faculty of Air Transport Technologies
Management & Logistics Faculty
Faculty of International Information and Law
International Economic Relations Faculty
Air & Space Law Institute
Psychology & Sociology Faculty
Faculty of Linguistics
Majors Aircraft
Avionics (Bachelor’s Degree – 4 years of training )
Mechanics & Energetics
Aerospace Control Systems
Information Technologies
Telecommunication and Security of Information
Computer Sciences
Computer Systems
Airport Design
Architecture & Design
Environment Protection
Economics and Business
Air Transport Technologies
Management & Logistics
International Information and Law
Air & Space Law
Psychology & Sociology
Faculty of Linguistics
Telephone +380-57-756-1737 Email