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About Course

Information Control Systems

Bachelor Degree Duration: 4 years
Masters Degree Duration: 2 years
Medium of instruction: English, Russian
Tuition fee in English: 2500 $US
Tuition fee in Russian: 2300 $US

The ICS Department trains Bachelors, Specialists, Masters by major 6.050101 «Computer science» (speciality 7.05010101, 8.05010101 «Information control systems and technology»).

Research directions of the Department:

  • methodologies, techniques and development tools of integrated Web-based information systems
  • modeling and optimization of business processes management
  • forecasting methods of stochastic time series; evaluating the effectiveness of forecasting and control methods based on neural networks and genetic algorithms
  • design technology, administration, monitoring and management of corporate networks
  • study of methods for transforming and transmitting information in ICS

The ICS Department is actively involved in the international exchange programs with universities in Jyväskylä (Finland) and Linnæus (Sweden).

Science and International Cooperation
  • The cooperation agreement of KhNURE (ICS Department), the company «VData GmbH» (Germany) and “ProfITsoft” (Ukraine) resulted in opening the IT technologies lab. The cooperation in the field of designing and developing information systems is planned for the future, as well as formation of groups of students majoring in ICST who do an additional twoyear cycle of studying special subjects parallel with the main curriculum. LLC “ProfITsoft” was created by young professionals – graduates of the ICS Department jointly with the company «VDataGmbH».
  • On the initiative of the Department KhNURE and IBM WORLD TRADE CORPORATION signed the cooperation agreement, within which the University participates in IBM Academic Initiative, a program supporting educational institutions
  • The ICS Department is actively involved in the international exchange programs with universities in Javäskylä (Finland) and Linnæus (Sweden)
Related universities
  • Kharkiv National University of Radio-Electronics (KNURE)
  • A copy of a valid passport at least for one year
  • A copy of secondary school certificate (or university degree if applying for graduate program)
Telephone +380-57-756-1737 Email