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About Course

Electronic Computers Engineering

Bachelor Degree Duration: 4 years
Masters Degree Duration: 2 years
Medium of instruction: English, Russian
Tuition fee in English: 2500 $US
Tuition fee in Russian: 2300 $US

The Department of Electronic Computers successfully cooperates with local and foreign companies, so that our students undergo training and internship and acquire vital skills and knowledge. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with the Centre of Training in Foreign Languages the Department of Electronic Computers conducts training to foreign students in English (speciality “Computer Systems and Networks”), the number of foreign students grows every year.

Curricula: Bachelor Degrees 6.01050200 (Computer Engineering, specialist in computer engineering); Specialist Degrees 7.01050201 (Computer Systems and Networks, computer system analyst), 7.01050202 (System Programming, system programmer); Master Degrees 8.01050201(Computer Systems and Networks, researcher (Computer Engineering)), 8.01050202 (System Programming, researcher (Programming)).

Science and international cooperation
  • The research area of the Electronic Computers Department is intelligent computation and data processing digital technologies in real time. Within this main area, the employees of the Department carry out fundamental and applied research in the following areas:

    • Computer Systems and Data Processing Technologies, Control and Image Synthesis in real time. (scientific supervisor – O.G. Rudenko, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Prof., S.G. Udovenko, Dr. Sc. (Technology ), Prof. ,V.M. Gusyatin, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Prof.
    • Information Technologies of Designing Corporate Computer Systems and Networks as well as Artificial Intelligence Systems Based on Neural Networks and Fuzzy-Logic. (scientific supervisors – O.G. Rudenko, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Prof., O.F. Michal, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Prof., Y.Y. Zavizistup, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Prof., N.M. Korablev, Associate Professor, N.G. Aksak, Associate Professor.
    • Information Technologies of Complex Systems Description at the Architecture Level (scientific supervisors – V.A. Gorbachev, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Prof., N.V. Alipov, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Prof.

    In the area of this research instructors and employees of the Department have published over 450 scientific works and about 260 proceedings (including 4 monographs on the theory of artificial neural networks by O.G. Rudenko, Prof.) at the Ukrainian and international academic symposia and conferences over the last five years.

    The research laboratory “Specialized Digital Computer Systems” functions at the Department. A number of fundamentally new devices for digital video processing were developed at this laboratory. Over the last 20 years the Department has cooperated with such customers as: Y.A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre; Leningrad Institute of Television (former All-Soviet Union Institute); SPA “Energy”, Moscow Region; Central Institute of Aerohydrodynamics, Moscow Region; National Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, Donetsk; “Aviafilm Studio”, Kharkiv Aviation Plant, etc.

    A team of authors developed and fabricated digital video effects devices used in apparatus rooms of video editing: “Ukrainian TV Company”, Kyiv; television and radio broadcasting company “Ostankino”, Moscow; Kharkiv State TV and Radio Company and others.

    Over the past five years, high-speed digital data converters were developed for automated systems of technological information processing at the metallurgical enterprises (iron and steel enterprises) of Ukraine.

    A group of instructors, post-graduate students, candidates for a master degree and students are working with great efforts in the area of specialized means of video imaging. In particular, this group developed and manufactured a specially designed processor for image synthesis in visual systems of flight simulators used in the Ukrainian State Training Certification Centre of Civil Aviation and at Kharkiv Institute of Air Force.

    The research work carried on at the Department of Electronic Computers is an additional basis for training of qualified instructors and masters in the major disciplines of academic and educational areas. Students are engaged in the research work under the supervision of experienced scientists and teachers who attend international conferences and publish papers in professional journals. The results of the research work are used in academic activity: in lectures and laboratory research, in the training courses that are supervised by the Department.

    The progressive form of presenting students` research work is their participation in international and republic conferences. Annually the International Young Generation Forum “Radio Electronics and Youth in the XXI century”, the International Forum of Radio Electronics “Applied Radio Electronics. Its State and Prospects of further Development”, International conference “Global Information Systems. Problems and Tendencies of Development”, International Conference “Theory and Techniques of Data Transfer, Reception and Processing” are held at KhNURE, in which students are actively involved. Annually with the participation of students about 10-15 scientific papers and 55- 80 proceedings of students` reports are published. 5-10 exhibits are on show at the exhibition.

    For the development of research projects in the area of Information Systems as well as for broadening international relations, upon the initiative of the Department of Electronic Computers the quadripartite agreement about cooperation was concluded by KhNURE with the Technical University of Ilmenau (Germany), the University of Engineering, Economy and Culture of Leipzig (Germany) and the firm “Dr. Stefan and Companions. Software” (Germany). Within the terms of this agreement the Department received the licensed software and a simulation modeling system «Intelligent Pad».

    In 2005 the Department of Electronic Computers concluded a contract with the leading European firm in the area of digital television «ADB» (Poland). Within the terms of this contract on the basis of the Electronic Computers Department the research laboratory was established using the “ADB” funds. The following equipment: computers (12), a server, computer tables and chairs, professional books and a writing board were bought for this laboratory.

    Since 2006, the Department of Electronic Computers has participated inTexasInstrumentsUniversityprogram. According to the cooperation agreement with the official dealer of Texas Instruments in Ukraine (LLC«Grand Electronic») the Department of Electronic Computers got eight debugging sets MSP-FET 430U64 with the appropriate software.

    On the basis of the laboratory “Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems” of the Department of Electronic Computers the firm “Intel” carries out technological workshop – a school of “Parallel Programming Tools, Techniques and Technologies” with the further assignation of free licensed software for conducting research and academic activity at KhNURE.

    The Department of Electronic Computers trains post -graduate and doctoral students in specialities 05.13.23 – “Artificial Intelligence Systems and Tools”, 05.13.12 – “CAD Systems” 05.13.05 – “Computer Systems and Components,” 05.13.03 – “Management Systems and Processes”, 05.13.06 – “Information Technology”.

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