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About Course

Biomedical Engineering

Bachelor Degree Duration: 4 years
Masters Degree Duration: 2 years
Medium of instruction: English
Tuition Fee: 2375 $US

Biomedical engineering combines engineering approaches to the solution of scientific and engineering problems with the achievements of medical and biological sciences for the improvement of human health, quality of life. This modern branch of science provides applied research and solves the problem of creating specialized electronic tools for processing of biosignals, medical imaging, modeling and determining the conditions of the therapeutic effects, etc.

Biomedical Engineering (BMI) is closely combines the separate sections of electrical, chemical, mechanical and optical engineering with a common object of activity – development of methods and technical means to study the living substance.

The department trains students (bachelor, specialist, master) in the major 6.051402 “Biomedical Engineering”, specialities 7.05140201, 8.05140201 – “Biomedical Engineering”, 7.05140203, 8.05140203 – “Information Technology in Biomedicine”.

Scientific directions of the department
  • studies in microprocessor and microcontroller systems
  • medical imaging and signals
  • development of software and hardware neurosurgical systems
  • informational technologies in medicine
  • mathematical modeling and instrumentation in medicine
  • development of biomedical systems
  • optimization of development of digital-analog devices
  • electrochemiluminescence and nanophotonics
  • formation and analysis of acoustic fields of natural and anthropogenic origin
Academic work
  • The department trains students (bachelor, specialist, master) in the major 6.051402 “Biomedical Engineering”, specialities 7.05140201, 8.05140201 – “Biomedical Engineering”, 7.05140203, 8.05140203 – “Information Technology in Biomedicine”.
  • Students will learn:
    • to develop units of medical devices
    • to design electrically programmable logic devices (EPLD)
    • to use and develop functionally complete modules for displaying of biomedical information
    • to apply methods for improving the accuracy of measurements, as well as ways to improve measurements
    • to identify malfunctions of nodes of electronic appliances and devices
    • to develop design documentations for electronic devices
    • to make and use biomedical application programs and computer technologies
  • The field of knowledge of BME specialists:
    • the development and operation of diagnostic and therapeutic hardware and software
    • development of devices and artificial replacement organs
    • development of computer technologies for sports medicine and fitness
    • automatic analysis of biosignals
    • use of nanoelectronics in medicine
    • mathematical modeling, computer graphics and 3D-visualization
    • development of medical software
    • development of medical hardware
Science and International Cooperation
  • Students, post-graduate students and staff use unique software and hardware of biomedical purposes in teaching and research work. The branches of the Department are Regional Clinical Hospital, Institute for Medical Radiology of AMS of Ukraine and others. They provide a study of modern health care devices and systems of the world’s leading companies – «Siemens», «General Electrics», «Varian», «Philips», «AGFA». Branch of the Department at Ukrainian Research Institute of Prosthetics, Prosthesis and rehabilitation provides equipment of its own production, which is used for rehabilitation of disabled persons.
  • Now scientists perform 12 research projects, including three international grants of Ukrainian Scientific-Technological Center. During past decade staff published nine monographs, about 300 articles, 56 patents, more than 500 scientific conference reports.
  • The Department is training post-graduate students and doctoral candidates in the fields:
    • Biological and Medical Devices and Systems
    • Systems of Automation of the design work
    • Physical Electronics
  • The Department prepared more than 60 candidates and 7 doctors of science.
  • BME Department has close research links with academic institutions and leading scientific production organizations of medical-technical field: Grigoriev Institute for Medical Radiology of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine; Sytenko Institute of Spine and joint Pathology of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine; Ukrainian Research Institute of Prosthetics, Prosthesis and rehabilitation; Institute of General and Emergency Surgery of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine; National University of Pharmacy; Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education; Institute of Dermatology and Venereology of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine; Karazin Kharkiv National University; Kharkiv National Medical University; Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, etc.
  • In recent years, cooperation with organizations and scientific institutions of the USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Russia, Finland, Canada, Poland, the Czech Republic became closer. Due to international research grants research laboratories of the Department received equipment that provides a spread spectrum of research and improves training of high-skilled educational staff.
  • One of the main areas of activity of the Department is the fundamental research and development of new electronic devices and systems in medicine, public health and the environmental science.
Related universities
  • We cooperate with only State Owned, National and Worldwide recognized universities of Ukraine.
  • A copy of a valid passport at least for one year
  • A copy of secondary school certificate (or university degree if applying for graduate program)
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