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About Course

Aided Design of Computers

Bachelor Degree Duration: 4 years
Masters Degree Duration: 2 years
Medium of instruction: English, Russian
Tuition fee in English: 2500 $US
Tuition fee in Russian: 2300 $US

To attract young people to scientific research the University organized research laboratories of “Design and Diagnostics of Digital Systems and Computer Networks”, “Laboratory of Web Technology and IT Innovation – DataArt Lab”, “Laboratory of Wireless, RFID Technology and Parallel Computing Structures” and educational seminars in “Design and Diagnostics of Digital Systems and Computer Networks», «Brain-Like Quantum Computing». Within the seminars students and post-graduate students are taught by leading national and foreign lecturers, teachers and young people learn spoken and technical English (for further foreign internship and teaching subjects to foreign students).

The Department created a scientific and educational student center Aldec-Ukraine, where up to 50 students are trained annually. The direction of its activities is associated with modern technology of design and testing of complicated digital systems on chips: VHDL, Verilog, UNIX, C++, Digital System Design and Testing, English.

Degrees: Bachelor 6.050102 (Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Computer Engineering), Specialist 7.091503 (Specialized Computer Systems, engineer of Computer Systems), Master 8.091503 (Specialized Computer System, research engineer of computer systems and networks).

Science and International Cooperation
  • Research areas of the Department: technical diagnostics of digital systems on chips, computers and networks; design of brain-like and quantum computers for cyberspace; intelligent IT for computer systems diagnostics.

    Priority for international activity is the cooperation with European and American universities within international and European programs Reason and Intas. The result of this work is the International Conference “East-West – Design and Diagnostics”, which involves leading scientists from 40 countries. It organized a Summer School for young scientists, where the experts known in the field of design of electronic systems give lectures. On the basis of the university academic research laboratory of “Design and Diagnostics of Digital Systems and Computer Networks” two projects «ASFTEST – automatic test synthesis system for digital machines” and «SIGETEST – synthesis of tests for sophisticated digital systems” are realized. They are integrated into Active-HDL, Aldec Inc. (USA) environments and are used in 50 countries. Scientists and students of the Department annually receive about 20 grants for foreign retraining and conferences, get access to new technologies, software, hardware of European companies and universities.

    Science Schools: 1. Technical diagnostics of digital systems on chips, computers and networks. Design of Brain-Like and Quantum Computers for Cyberspace (supervisor – Prof. V.I. Khakhanov). 2. Design and Diagnostics of Computer Systems and Networks (supervisor – Prof. G.F. Kryvulya).

    Doctoral and post-graduate studies in specialities 05.13.12 – Digital Systems of Design Works, 05.13.05 – Computer Systems and Components, 01.05.02 – Mathematical Design and Computational Approaches. Supervisors: G.F. Kryvulya, Dr. Sc., Professor; V.I. Khakhanov, Dr. Sc., Professor; S.V. Chumachenko, Dr. Sc., Professor; E.I. Litvinova, Dr. Sc., Professor; I.V. Khakhanova, Dr. Sc., Professor; V.P. Nemchenko, Cand. Sc., Professor; M.Y. Kakurin, Cand. Sc., Professor; A.S. Shkil, Cand. Sc., Associate Professor.

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  • A copy of a valid passport at least for one year
  • A copy of secondary school certificate (or university degree if applying for graduate program)
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